early grave anyone?

casualty ward – here I come

Can we please get the guy in the middle a one-way ticket to Mars?

The guy on the recumbent bicycle is the stuff of my nightmares.  The only positive for the bike model in the picture above is that it sits higher off the ground than most other recumbent bikes I’ve seen – or not seen.   The lay-down bikes I have encountered are generally right on the ground where you can’t see the little fu*kers.  I don’t get it – do you wanna get some exercise or do you want to lie down?

Cars and cyclists have to share the road and as we all know, barely tolerate each other.  The shrill debates about ‘sharing the road’ have been drummed into both parties. Most major cities have cycle lanes but there are many areas where there are none or where the cycle lanes peter out.   It’s hard enough to swerve around cyclists but now motorists have to contend with the ones who are zipping around horizontally where its almost impossible to see them.  Until they’re under the wheels of your vehicle. I’ve almost killed a couple of these idiots recently because they have zipped across intersections when I’ve been expecting a car and as I’ve started to pull forward, have had to slam on my brakes.

How do these recumbent bikes meet the definition of a ‘road worthy vehicle’?

These cyclists are a danger to themselves and other motorists and seem to be predominantly older males. If they did get run over they would have much less chance of survival because if we can’t see them, we can’t slam on the brakes in time.

Let’s get these tossers off our roads!

That’s my thought for the day.

Let the abuse begin.

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